Body Care

Organic Green Detox Sea Salt Body Scrub $115

Formulated with Super Greens, Sea Vegetables and exotic Sea Salts, which makes this detoxifying scrub a powerful therapeutic tool to help the body release toxins from the skin and lymphatic system. Powerful detoxifier like Wheatgrass, Dandelion and Kale help skin facilitate enhanced circulation and activate the body’s natural detoxification process. Sea Salts help pull toxins from the skin.

MV Sea Salt Glow 60 min $120

The natural local sea salt harvest by  Down Island Farm gently exfoliates your skin removing dead skin cells while the rich organic sweet almond oil moisturizes your skin leaving you silky smooth. This local sea salt will help relieve nervous tension, detoxify and enhance blood circulation. Let the Vineyard show the magic of the sea.

Reflex-Zone Therapy 60min $100

The principle behind Reflex-Zone therapy, is that various parts of the feet are in communication with various parts of the body. Reflex-Zone Therapy works with the body’s energy flow to stimulate self-healing and maintain balance in physical function.

Back Relief Facial Add On 30min $50

An Exclusive service at Miss Mary Boutique Spa, created by Mary Anny and Slavena to meet our customer’s needs.

Ensure that your back is as gorgeous as your face and decollete with a session devoted exclusively to your flip side. Banish unsightly blemishes and redness from your neck, shoulders and back with Back Relief facial.